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Mara Christian Academy

We are getting ready to enter our third year​ at MCA!!! Truly incredible that time has passed by so quickly. We ended last year with 133 kids and looks as though we will reach around 170 this coming year! We are almost completely finished with the school and have finished the computer room/library and the dining hall.  We stiill need to outfit class 7 and 8 with books and desks etc... 

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A.I.C Sekenani Clinic


It is truly amazing to think that in the last month alone God brought in the funds to build the clinic! We will still be lacking funds to outfit the clinic with all the things needed, roughly $9,000 but we are sure God will provide. Thanks so much for your support of this project.


Don't forget to add in the Missionary project or name the AIC Sekenani Clinic


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Many People have asked How to support our school. There are many ways.


1. You can support a child. The costs to support a child is $25 a month or $300 a year. that covers their uniforms, books, pencils, food, etc... 


2. Support a teacher, guard or chef. A teachers salary is roughly $110 a month. A guards salary is $65 a month and a chefs salary is $70 a month. 


3. You can help buy food for a term(3 months) or even a year! 1 term is $1500 1 year is $4500.


4. You can buy school books for an entire class. 1 class of school books for every student is roughly $700.


5. You can donate just to the school to use as we see fit. For a child, teacher, food, books, etc...

To donate to any of the listed items just click the PayPal button below. This will take you to our missions donate page. Please just fill in the Missionary or Project name with what you would like to donate to.

Feel free to conatct me at or conatct our head office at 1-828-479-6873 with any questions.

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