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Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 10:31


   Travis grew up in the mountains of North Carolina.  At the age of two, his dad started working at The Master's Mission. Little did Travis know that TMM would be a huge part of his life. Travis ended up spending most of his childhood years at TMM and made many friends all over the world. At age 18 Travis went through the 11 month bush missionary training program at TMM and in that same year met his wife to be Laura Harwood.

    Travis is currently the pastor of the local church. In July 2016 he became an actual licensed Pastor! He also teaches the new believers baptism class on Sunday morning before church and a coomunity Bible study on Thursday mornings. He is also the director of the school he and Laura have built, Mara Christian Academy. Travis loves talking about and sharing Jesus with any who listens.

   Laura felt God calling her as a young girl to serve Jesus in missions. God used His word to show her His command to go into all the world.  She was also very encouraged to serve after reading about Amy Carmichael and her life of dedication to missions.

   Laura knew that this was what God wanted her to do with her life.  As she pursued Missions she ended up at TMM for the 11 month training program.  God brought Travis and Laura together and confirmed to them His calling to serve in Kenya together.  They fell in love and got married a little over a year later.  After a year they attended the 11  month training program again as a married couple. They and their 4 daughters, have been serving in Kenya with TMM since 2006.

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