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Mara Girls Home

The Children's Home is running at full steam. The school break at the end of the year is a long one (2 months!) and the kids are doing great. It is amazing to see how happy they are and how their lives have changed. They actually have a warm bed and food in their stomachs at least 3 times a day, sometimes more:) Dominic and Judith are doing an amazing job, we love them dearly. Currently Kotea, one of our high school girls is on break as well and she is staying at the home also and helping tremendously. It is awesome to watch them all become a sweet family. We do appreciate all your monthly and one time gifts that continue to see that the home operates smoothly. If you would like to donate I can personally assure you the money will be put to good use. We have just sent one of the deaf girls with Judith to an ear doctor and we are awaiting news as to whether or not he can restore any hearing. 


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Dominic and Judith

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